At Hawthorne Union we are dedicated to supporting individuals and businesses in their innovation, growth, and development.  Our coaching, consulting, and training services are grounded in best practices from coaching and teaching, ensuring that you and your business are equipped not only with ideas and solutions you can implement and scale now, but that you are engaging in the personal and professional development that ensures your success.  Please contact us with questions or for a free consultation to learn more about our individual and organizational coaching, our creative and coaching based consulting, as well as the customized training solutions we can provide to support your business goals.  We look forward to working with you!



Whether you love coaching and coach all day like we do or have never tried coaching and aren't sure what the hype is about, our question for you is why wouldn't you try something that was free that could potentially change your life for the better?  We can give you metaphors about personal trainers, professional athletes, and wing clips but the best way to understand coaching is to try it.  We'll support your success, we'll cheer you on when you need it, we'll challenge you even if no one else does, and we'll hold you accountable to the goals that you determine will strengthen you and/or your business.  Coaching isn't a one stop shop, we can only help you change and grow if you want to.  But if you're ready, we're ready, and we would love to meet you.


Hawthorne Union also provides coaching for organizations, businesses, and mentor coaching for already trained and certified coaches.  Whether it is your personal or professional development, we'd like to partner with you to help you raise your bar and celebrate your success.        



What does it mean to have consultants who are coaches and trainers?  While we're happy to leverage our expertise to provide you with recommendations, consulting that is rooted in coaching and training is geared towards building you so you can build your business.  


In the spirit of "give a man to fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime", we recognize the art of being able to "give you fish" when you need consulting immediately but ultimately want to "teach you to fish" so that you are able to implement the solutions and practices that will serve you both in the short and long term.  It's our belief that this hands on collaboration and focus on strengthening of your business is crucial to your success and profitability and sets us apart from other consulting companies.  You can always come back to us for fishing tips and we would love if you told your friends what great fisherman and fisherman consultants we are, but we're hopeful that after working with us you are better equipped to fish on your own.



You work all day, potentially every day, doing the amazing things you do.  But if you are not a trainer it can be difficult to translate your brilliance to your employees and those you are attempting to train.  Why take this on when we'll happily do it for you? We've watched even the best intentioned interventions and necessary changes be so poorly executed and implemented that they crash and burn.  In the next chapter of your change management and business growth spare yourself the overflowing disgruntled employee feedback and bring us in.  If you want, we'll also teach you how to teach your content so you don't need us in the future.  However, we'd love to come in and do what we do so you have more time to do what you do.  


Hawthorne Union also provides coach training for coaches and professional development for those interested in integrating coaching skills in their work.  If you have a specific skill in mind let us know, otherwise we'd be happy to sit down with you and learn more about your business goals and pain points in order to propose curriculum that would best serve your needs.  We're coaches, consultants, and trainers, why not take advantage of all of our services?

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