LISTEN: Mentor Coaching for Coaches

Hawthorne Union's first book to the marketplace is a fun, easy to read coffee table book to touch up and give yourself quick reminders before you jump into that next coaching session.

What you'll find inside this book

Coaching Presence

Deeper understanding of the way Active Listening, Powerful Questioning, and Direct Communication contribute to Coaching Presence and Creating Awareness for clients

Client Experience

Understanding of how silence and use of client language enhance the client’s experience and match the criteria for the PCC Markers

Questions and Strategies

Simple questions and strategies that can be leveraged in coaching sessions

For coaching, you may not have time to always sit down and spend 4 hours honing your craft. If you have 15 minutes to read a few pages, here's some of the benefit this book can provide for you:

About the Author

Diana Ideus is the founder of Hawthorne Union, a professional coaching firm who specializes in modern and functional continual coach education- for coaches, by coaches.

Diana is a Professionally Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and her Masters in Organizational Behavior and Executive Coaching.  Diana currently leverages her coaching, management, and leadership development experience with business leaders and coaches remotely and California.

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Listen: Mentor Coaching for Coaches


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