When a client asks if you’ll coach an employee as a final intervention before they are terminated do you accept? The stakes are high, the confidentiality is complicated by the sponsor’s role, success may not be possible, and your client did not opt in to coaching. Last Chance Coaching discusses the challenges in and establishes best practices for providing coaching as a last resort before termination.  This course includes a panel of coaches experienced in Last Chance Coaching, a coaching demonstration and case study discussions.


Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the challenges and risks of Last Chance Coaching
  • Establish structures and best practices for Last Chance Coaching
  • Strengthen ability to leverage ICF Core Competencies in challenging coaching scenarios


This course is has been approved by the International Coaching Federation for 5.5 Core Competency and 1.5 Resource Development Credits.


Learn more about Last Chance Coaching on the Star Coach Show at https://www.starcoachshow.com/122-diana-ideus-pcc-last-chance-coaching/

Last Chance Coaching

  • Mondays @ 5-630 pm Pacific Nov 2nd-23rd

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